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We're more than just ink on paper

We're more than just ink on paper

Digital Printing

Opening up a world of options and cost-savings on short runs and variable data projects

Now you can print full-color materials in smaller quantities more economically and with faster turnaround than in years past. You can personalize each piece not just with your recipient’s name, but also with design elements like imagery and color tailored to the recipient's preferences. Because the proof is the actual printed piece, what you see is what you get. And we can test your project on different substrates (both paper and synthetic) to get it looking just right.

Digital printing provides short-run efficiency, flexibility and economy

Digital printing eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for conventional offset printing, making smaller 4-color runs more economical. Our versatile HP Indigo Digital Press can handle text and cover weights, coated and uncoated stock, gloss and matte—even plastic substrates and transparent film. The Indigo uses special inks that dry instantly, so printed pieces go straight to the bindery for faster delivery.

If you have a Goetz DigitalStoreFront account, you can use it to print or reorder digital projects directly from your desktop.

True Print on Demand

With digital printing, you can truly “print on demand” with smaller quantities of your materials as you need them, reducing storage costs and keeping your content relevant and fresh. And because every print is the same, there are more accurate counts, less waste, and fewer color variations during the same press run and over time if you decide to reprint later.

Raise your response rates with variable data printing (VDP)

Studies show that marketing and outreach campaigns with personalized content have significantly higher response rates than campaigns with no personalization. Companies use variable data printing (VDP) to increase sales responses and revenue. Associations and non-profits use it to attract and retain members and donors. Let us show you how we can make VDP work for you.

Goetz’s HP Indigo Digital Press can customize each piece. And you can create cross-media campaigns with personal URLs, enabling each recipient to access a unique, personalized web page for his or her response.

To learn more about how digital printing can revolutionize your communications, please call Goetz at 703-569-8232.

Digital Printing At-a-glance

HP Indigo Digital Press Features

  • ElectroInk technology consistently produces higher quality print than toner technologies.
  • Adaptive Halftoning produces crisper image typography and smoother color transitions through dynamic image analysis.
  • Available matte ink allows for the creative use of gloss/dull effects.

Digital Printing enables you to:

  • print small quantities of full-color materials quickly and economically
  • reduce spoilage through Print on Demand
  • personalize

Digital vs. Offset: Which to choose?

Digital and offset printing each have certain advantages depending on your type of project. Please click here to learn more or contact a Goetz representative at 703-569-8232 to discuss which option best suits your needs.