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We're more than just ink on paper

We're more than just ink on paper



At Goetz Printing, we understand your need for strong results and revenues as well as your brand sensitivity. As a tri-certified printer to the FSC®, PEFC™, and SFI® chain of custody programs, we are ideally positioned to produce your projects both competitively and responsibly. We employ energy efficient state-of-the-art Heidelberg and Indigo printing presses and bindery equipment, as well as environmentally friendly vegetable inks. Goetz Printing contributes to a healthy environment and sustainable forests, and we’re even recognized as a Climate Leader by the Environmental Protection Agency, as part of their Green Power Partnership. Goetz Printing is 100% committed to eliminating our carbon footprint.

Making a difference begins when you partner with us.

At Goetz Printing, we believe in helping our customers find the right solution to fit their unique environmental initiatives and corporate social responsibility aspirations.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

The Forest Stewardship Council, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, is an international, non-profit organization. It promotes and monitors environmental responsibility, socially beneficial and economically viable solutions that constructively balance the need to manage and maintain the world’s forests and eco-systems with the practical need for wood and fiber based products. FSC developed a global certification and labeling system that serves to ensure that certified forest products are produced from responsibly managed forests and independently verified recycled sources, which is monitored through a third party auditor. For Goetz, that auditor is Bureau Veritas. Over 331 million acres of the worlds’ forests in 70 countries are now certified according to FSC guidelines.
BV-COC-010208, certified August 10, 2007

Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC)

The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization promoting sustainably managed forests through independent third party certification. Headquartered in Geneva, PEFC is a global umbrella organization for the assessment of and mutual recognition of national, independently governed, forest certification programs. It represents 36 independent national forest certification systems, which accounts for more than 662 million acres of certified forests worldwide.
BV-PEFCCOC-US004062-1, Certified May 2, 2008

Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Program (SFI®)

SFI Inc. is an independent, nonprofit organization that is solely responsible for maintaining, overseeing and improving the internationally recognized Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program.
Across Canada and the United States, 250 million acres (100 million hectares) are certified to the SFI forest management standard, the largest single forest standard in the world.

The SFI program was launched in 1994 as one of the U.S. forest sector’s contributions to the vision of sustainable development established by the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. Its original principles and implementation guidelines began in 1995, and it evolved as the first SFI national standard backed by third-party audits in 1998.

Many North American paper manufacturers have met the requirements in the SFI Chain of Custody standard which tracks the percentage of fiber from certified forests, certified sourcing and post-consumer recycled content.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative, headquartered in Washington, DC, is a fully independent, non-profit organization. It promotes and monitors environmental responsibility, socially beneficial and economically viable solutions that constructively balance the need to manage and maintain North American forests and ecosystems, with the practical need for quality wood and fiber based products that are competitively priced on the global market. The original concepts of SFI were created in 1994 and now there are more than 250 million acres of forests certified to the SFI Standard throughout the United States and Canada. The SFI program has certified many North American paper manufacturers that have met the standards set forth in its chain of custody protocol, which serves to ensure that certified wood and fiber-based products are produced from responsibly managed forests and independently verified recovered fiber sources.
BV-SFICOC-US004061-1, Certified May 2, 2008

100% Green Power

Annually, Goetz printing consumes approximately 744 megawatt hours (mWh) of electricity. Through CarbonFund.org™, we purchase 744 RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates), validating our legitimate ownership of the green energy that is directed onto the national energy grid. The RECs are certified by Green-e, an independent certification and verification program for renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions, in accordance to EPA guidelines. In short, the energy we use comes from wind turbines and solar panels. By supporting these technologies Goetz is leading the initiative to increase demand for clean, renewable energy sources in the mid-Atlantic. The EPA’s Green Power Partnership program acknowledges our environmental commitment with one of their top honors as a ‘Climate Leader.’

Carbon Neutral

Goetz Printing offsets the remainder of its carbon footprint (natural gas and transportation, including business commuting for sales personnel) by purchasing additional carbon offsets from CCBS certified reforestation projects managed by CarbonFund.org™.

Soy Inks, and Recyclable Materials

All of the inks and coatings we use are non-petroleum, vegetable based and contain a low VOC content. We recycle all of the metal printing plates, pre-consumer paper make-readies and trimmings as well as office generated recyclable material. In fact, in 2009 we recycled 536,320 lbs of paper, which conserved 6,128 trees.


Should you have any questions, comments, complaints or compliments regarding our sustainability program, including the use of SFI, PEFC or FSC label applications please contact green@goetzprinting.com.


Goetz Printing: Environmental and Community Matters are our business.

Green 2.0

Print Grows Trees Print Grows Trees

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Congratulations Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia!

Together we have softened our environmental footprint by selecting sustainably produced papers that are certified by the FSC, PEFC and SFI chain of custody programs. Many of these papers contain recovered fiber contents ranging from 10% to 100% PCW and are increasingly being produced with significant amounts of clean, renewable electricity. In addition to the products we produce, we also consider the process by which they are manufactured and continually strive to reduce our VOC emissions and overall environmental impact. PRINT DRIVES YOUR MARKETING AND COMMUNICATION EFFORTS, AND PRINT IS GREEN!

Environmental Impact Statement:

The 2015 Goetz Printing Company annual sustainability report evaluates all FSC, PEFC, SFI and tree-free paper stocks purchased during the 2015 calendar year. The combination of this comprehensive metrics-based analysis yields a positive, tangible and transparent summary of our environmental impact both in the forest and within the Goetz manufacturing facility. All projects printed at Goetz are produced at our carbon neutral facility, utilizing 100% renewable electricity in the form of wind RECs, which earned the coveted “Climate Leader” award by EPA’s Green Power Partnership program. The remainder of our carbon footprint accumulated through our use of natural gas and transportation of our products is offset through our support of several CCBS certified reforestation projects located throughout the entire American continent. Finally, our Heidelberg presses print all projects with non-petroleum, vegetable based inks.

Here's how YOU helped to make a difference

Certified CoC Projects 131 (FSC, PEFC or SFI labeled)
Trees Conserved 2,843
Energy Conserved 1,374,000,000 BTU’s
Greenhouse Gases Avoided 302,917 lbs CO2
Clean Water Conserved 1,574,448 gallons
Solid Waste Avoided            102,311 lbs

Environmental impact statements were produced using the Environmental Paper Network Calculator.

Here's how WE helped to make a difference

FSC, PEFC & SFI Paper Ordered 1,784,294 lbs 
Paper Recycled (Pre-Consumer Waste) 382,774 lbs
Which Conserves (Additional Trees) 4,107 Trees
Energy Conserved 304,730,000 BTU’s
Greenhouse Gases Avoided 2,039,811 lbs CO2
Clean Water Conserved 3,256,489 gallons
Solid Waste Avoided 321,114 lbs
Metal Plates & Containers 16,627 lbs
Total Trees Consumed 16,434
Approximate Trees Planted 41,085 Print Grows Trees!

Environmental impact statements were produced using the EPA’s Green Power Equivalency Tool, Environmental Defense Paper Calculator, World Resources Institute & data provided by CarbonFund.org.

Did You Know?

The North American timber industry plants, on average, 2.5 trees for every 1 tree that is harvested for hardwood and pulp products. An often over-looked fact is that trees grow with the use of solar power, consume carbon dioxide and are a renewable domestic resource. Collectively the timber, pulp, paper, print and mailing industries employ thousands of Americans.

In contrast, computer hardware and peripherals are most often manufactured outside of the United States, emit carbon dioxide, and contain several types of toxic heavy metals including mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, barium and arsenic. These devices are usually packaged in petroleum-derived plastics, are commonly replaced every 2 years, and are often not recycled or recycled improperly.

Each of our many electronic devices require some form of energy to operate, which usually means that they’re using electricity generated from coal-powered sources. In addition, a constant electrical supply is required to operate corporate servers and the massive 24/7/365 server farms that maintain the World Wide Web's presence.

Cloud-based computing is here, and it's here to stay because it has value. Print also has value. Print possesses qualities that engage the senses through texture, shape, and even fragrance. Color and imagery are controlled according to your standards, as are paper colors, weights and sizes. Die cutting and embossing are other print options that can help ensure that your message stands out, generates response, and educates your audience.

Weigh the options when deciding what medium will deliver the best results for your event or campaign. Often this approach requires multiple methods of communication. Print and electronic communications are not mutually exclusive. Web and print, when used together in a cross-platform campaign, can be key in capturing the attention of a large and diverse audience. When you know your audience and understand its needs, you can't ignore the true power of print. As professional communicators, we need to understand what it really means when we claim that we are "Going Green".

Print. The Ultimate Portable Document.

For more information or questions about our Green 2.0 initiatives, email green@goetzprinting.com.